The Most EXPENSIVE Phone - iPhone4

The Most EXPENSIVE Phone - $ 8 million for the iPhone 4G?

The Most EXPENSIVE Phone - The best iPhone4, iPhone 4, iPhone 4G Yes! Mega luxury mobile phone is available at record price of 8 million $. British jeweler is inlaid iPnone 4 with 500 diamonds with a total weight of 100 carats. Two of diamonds are most responsible for the "space cost" of the best cellphone. They are of impeccable quality and are used for decoration of the navigation (Home) button. The model comes with a 7.4 carat pink diamond, but customized it may be replaced with an 8-carat gem. Both are included in the kit, only the price is $ 6 million. The posh iPhone 4 G is covered with rose gold, and the Apple logo is inlaid with 53 other diamonds. The luxury smartphone iPhone 4  has a fair package - available in case of a piece of granite that weighs about 13 pounds. The reach businessman has already ordered two copies of the model of the The Most EXPENSIVE Phone - iPhone 4.
Previous most expensive phone is iPhone 3GS Supreme, also owned by a businessman from Australia. It is not excluded and the buyer of the two models is the same person.